Primary Academic Mark (Logo)

Our primary mark represents the strength and power of the university’s academics. This is the university’s logo and most recognizable mark. It must be presented in its original format, never altered or manipulated, in all communications. Our logo color is red.


Secondary Academic Mark (White/transparent logo)

This is a supporting graphic that can be used in university communications that have a more formal visual identity. When budget, printing restrictions, or design needs prevent the use of color, the one-color white version is acceptable. None of the elements may be altered in any way. Use only the digital artwork provided at Do not redraw the logo.


University lockup

This lockup is appropriate for communications intended for audiences that are familiar with AKFA University. The University Lockup is made up of two elements:

  1. Interlocking U
  2. University name


The logo bundle

Logo bundles available for download on include a variety of file formats for different media and size needs. When you download the bundle you will receive multiple formats in both large and small versions. Remember, the white version of this logo may be used only on solid color backgrounds or photographs to allow for proper readability. These files have been optimized for specific applications. After you have downloaded your bundle and chosen the file you need, place or insert the file into your document. It is not necessary to open it in order to use it. All files include the preferred clear space.