If you're visiting us, take a look at our guide on how to get here and where to park:  

There is limited parking space for cars, and students have to park their cars in the free parking areas. Students should not park in areas reserved for staff.

During the day time, when campus can be very busy, we manage our car parks actively with staff on the ground. Please follow any directions they give you - they're there to help you find somewhere to park.


Parking Security

The AKFA University parking lot is closed at 18:00. Administration does not allow overnight parking. Hence, the students, staff and the visitors should make sure not to park after the closing time.

The University is not responsible for any theft or damage (accidental or otherwise) to visitor and student cars in the parking area. If students find their car blocked by another, they can contact +99871 000 00 00. 

Questions concerning parking should be directed to head of the AKFA University Security provision team.