1. What kind of majors are there at AKFA University?

Currently, there is one main area of studies at AKFA UNIVERSITY:

Medical School


  1. In which language AKFA University courses are taught?

All study programs in AKFA University are taught only in English.


  1. What kind of degree can be obtained at AKFA University?

After completing a full year of study, successful students will receive a Medical Doctor degree.


  1. Does diploma of AKFA University considered as an International Diploma?

Yes, it is. The diploma is considered as an International Diploma. It is accounted at an International Level which gives its students a chance to do a job hunting all over the globe.


  1. Does diploma require any nostrification in Republic of Uzbekistan?

No. There is no requirement of Diploma nostrification if you wish to apply to work at either local companies or government offices.


  1. Is there any scholarship available for students applying to AKFA University?

Yes, AKFA University offers academic scholarships on a competition basis. More information is available on College’s section.


  1. What is vacation period for students?

AKFA University students go on winter vacation (December~January) and summer (May~August). Please note that the holiday dates can vary. AKFA University administration will inform students about vacation periods in advance.


  1. I am currently a university student. Can I transfer my studies to AKFA University?

Currently, AKFA University has no transfer program.


  1. Is there any chance for a handicapped students to apply to AKFA University?

Yes, AKFA University does not limit an admission for a student who has a condition that markedly restricts one's ability to function physically. So, AKFA University does not put any restrictions for a handicapped/disabled students and fully accepts them on a competition basis on an entrance examination likewise to the other applicants. Facilities of AKFA University has been fully equipped with elevators, open spaces,  recreational areas, and the interiors of buildings.


  1. Do you have lyceum under AKFA University?

AKFA University has no lyceum now. Currently the university focuses on the development of higher education.


  1. Do AKFA University graduates have chance to work abroad?

AKFA University graduates will be able to work at any global company having necessary technical and English skills. However, AKFA University directs its efforts to train highly skilled specialists for the economy of Uzbekistan and does not encourage students to work in foreign states.


  1. Can AKFA University students participate in Summer Work and Travel program, which is organized by Embassy of USA in Tashkent?

Each year, Embassy of the USA in Tashkent organizes Summer Work and Travel program. Interested students of AKFA University may visit their website to be familiarized with program requirements (http://uzbekistan.usembassy.gov/non-immigrant_visas/swt.html). However, please note that AKFA University is by no means affiliated with this programme.



  1. How can I apply to AKFA University?

Applicants must go through an online application via the official website of the University at https://admission.akfauniversity.uz


  1. When is the deadline for online application?

On-line application is open from June to June.

*AKFA University admission date and time are subject to change depending on the number of applicants. Please be sure to check the AKFA University website for any changes in the schedule.


  1. Am I still eligible to take the entrance exam without an official English test score (IELTS/ TOEFL iBT)?

No, each applicant is required to submit a scanned version of IELTS/TOEFL iBT score during online application period. Please make sure that late submission is not allowed.


  1. Am I still eligible to take the entrance exam without an official English test score, if I graduated from schools in English speaking countries?

Yes, you can submit the graduation certificate of high schools from English speaking countries as a proof of English skills.     


  1. Am I eligible to apply even if my official test score (IELTS/ TOEFL iBT) is expired?

No. Taking into consideration that validation period for the IELTS or TOEFL IBT certificate is two years.


  1. Is it possible to apply as a second major if I have already completed my bachelor degree at another University?

Yes, applicants who are willing to apply to AKFA University as a second major are required to carry out all the application procedures as other applicants who completed Lyceum/College or High School.


  1. Is it required to submit the original diploma during application?

No, applicants are required to upload a scanned version of the original diploma or a verification letter during online application. Original one must be submitted after being enrolled to AKFA University as a successful student.


  1. Is there other documents asked to be submitted after being accepted to AKFA University?

Yes, when the admission process is completed, successful applicants must submit the following original documents to the University during Payment Contract receiving period:

  • A military services certificate (Only for male students);

  • A certificate of diploma from Lyceum/College or an equivalent certificate from the school where applicants have studied.

  • Hard copy of Photo 3.5x4.5 (4 pieces)



  1. When is the Entrance Examination going to be held?
    It will be held the following month: July

*All applicants are required to take a part on Orientation of Entrance Examination
*AKFA University admission date and time are subject to change depending on the number of applicants. Please be sure to check the AKFA University website for any changes in the schedule.


  1. What kind of examination will be for Medical School?

- Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics in written form, 20 questions for each subject (180 minutes);           


  1. When will the result of entrance examination be announced?

The final results of the entrance examinations will be announced by August and the list of admitted applicants will be posted on the website, www.akfauniversity.uz  


  1. Is the entrance examination of AKFA University related to STC (State Test Center) of Uzbekistan?

No, AKFA University entrance examination is not related with STC of Uzbekistan. It is fully carried out by a responsibility of AKFA University.



  1. How much is tuition fee at AKFA University?

Annual  tuition fee at AKFA University is as follows for Citizens of Uzbekistan:

For College of Medicine - 58.000.000 soums for one academic year/ 29.000.000 soums per semester in UZS.


  1. What covers an annual paid tuition fee?

Annual tuition fee includes only a payment for a study tuition fee.



  1. Does AKFA University provide dormitory?

A modern style dormitory for AKFA University students will be built soon.


  1. Does AKFA University send its students to study programs abroad?

AKFA University was created, not with the purpose of sending the students abroad, but to take the world class academic standards and study opportunities of the prestigious international universities to Uzbekistan.


  1. I am older than most students. Does this affect my application's chances?

There is no age restriction when applying to AKFA University. We welcome individuals of any age to apply.


  1. I am a citizen of another country. (Not Uzbekistan).  Can I still apply as an international student?

Yes, you can apply as an international student. Also, the admission procedure will be the same as other regular local applicants.


  1. We are the company in Uzbekistan. Can we invite AKFA University students for the internship in our company?

AKFA University encourages students to participate in real projects to gain valuable experience. Any companies, interested in attracting interns from AKFA University, should send email to info@akfauniversity.uz with information on internship requirements.


If you have any further questions regarding admission, please contact Admission Office by calling or send an email to  admission@akfauniversity.uz